"Every good project starts with an even better story"

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dr Agata Rome-Dzida

Interior designer, designer, art historian

Agata Rome-Dzida - interior architect, art historian, PhD in humanities. In 1999-2004, a co-worker of TVP SA O/Poznań, since 2004 the President of the Board of the Forum Stanisov Foundation, the owner of the hotel Palace Staniszow. She has several publications on modern art in her account, and the author of the book "German artists in Karkonosze in 1880-1945". Since 2004, he has worked with her husband to revitalize the Baroque palace and park in Staniszow. Laureate of lower Silesia cultural Award. Since 2013, owner of MaisondeRome INTERIOR DESIGN.

The history of our company is inextricably linked to one of the most beautiful palaces in lower Silesia - the Staniszow Palace, which was recognized as the best restored palace in Poland by the historic conservators. Years of intense work, effort and experience to restore the former glory to this place have resulted in the creation of a hotel with a restaurant, a spa complex with a swimming pool and 40 hotel rooms. During this 17-year-old process, we looked at the best in Europe, and we carefully looked around the world for fabrics, furniture, wallpapers and decorative items to suit it. Historical and artistic education and knowledge of interior design were extremely helpful in this area. Today, the Staniszow Palace is rated by our regular guests as a magical, authentic, inpretentious and elegant place. None of the forty rooms have the same interior, and the restaurant and ballroom will enchant with its old charm. When we didn't find the dream headboards, cabinets, tables or desks, we produced them ourselves.

And so in 2013, a MaisondeRome INTERIOR DESIGN was created. The first years of furniture design and manufacture allowed us to verify not only their esthetics but their functionality. Today, we feel free to outsource even the most elaborate items, whether they are upholstered, metal or wooden furniture. When we have achieved designing and technological certainty, it has become increasingly interesting for us to see how a ready form starts to function in a given context, in a given area of the house or in particular room, but also in dialog with other subjects. Textures, shapes, colors, light interact with each other. We have laid an absolute fascination with this inexhaustible game of forms and texture, and modern production technologies and the amount of news that is emerging on the market only add to this fascination. That's how we started designing the entire interior.

The interiors that have been created so far in our studio are appreciated for timeless style, elegance, authenticity and comfort. I think that our projects are quite easy to distinguish from others. It may be this subtle play between shapes, textures and colors, which we are always happy to bring into our interiors. If you want to find a term for our style, the most appropriate would be a "modern classic". We know the historic forms well, but we love the most modern. We are not trying to get the most out of fashion, although we are following the latest global trends with the greatest attention. An updated classic is the space where we feel best.

We always want the interiors that came out of our studio to be like a book, to read and to allow users to discover more nuances over the years of their use. We are happy to get closer to our customers, discover their passions, preferences and habits. Our projects are finally becoming their projects, and they are a kind of story about them. We tell you about people, places, and their history.

The originality of the idea, the stylistic sensitivity, the sound knowledge, the openness to technological innovations and visual experience make us more than an important part of creating spaces that are a functional fulfillment of our customers' dreams.

We are at your disposal !



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